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Your rehearsal is

absolutely critical to the

success of your ceremony

Over the last 28 years the GOD Squad has been a part of thousands of weddings of ALL SIZES.  The one thing that they all have in common is... (unless the wedding is a simple Bride-and-Groom-only ceremony) they all need a thorough wedding rehearsal, in order for all wedding party members to know what they're doing. 

From time to time, couples skip this important step, and it almost always ends up being the one thing they say that if they had it to do over again... that they would have done differently.

When it comes to rehearsals, a wedding coordinator is your BEST BET.  They have up to the minute knowledge of wedding trends, and can help give you great advice in making your wedding a complete, and overwhelming success.

If your wedding budget does not allow for a wedding coordinator, your wedding minister is the nest best thing.  The GOD Squad Wedding Ministers are trained in conducting rehearsals, and with the high volume of weddings we perform, can orchestrate a smooth-flowing efficient wedding rehearsal. 

While there might still be time to make one of our staff members a part of your rehearsal, if you'd like to tackle your rehearsal on your own, please follow the guidelines presented by our friend, and associate Rev Ralph Griggs, as he shows you how a wedding rehearsal works...

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