What is your theological background?

I am an Ordained Independent Catholic Abbot (Priest), with Apostolic Succession tracing back to the laying on of hands upon St. Peter by Jesus.  Before, becoming ordained, I grew up in the Episcopal Church, where I was a licensed minister, lay reader and acolyte for years

How long have you been performing weddings?

I've been performing wedding since 2003

What do you like BEST about weddings?

The excitement of the beginning of a new adventure for the couple, setting out as partners on a journey though the vastness of life.  Yet just as in any “bon voyage”, with all the excitement of the new adventure, there is the solemnness of the moment in leaving the old behind.  We laugh, we cry, we laugh again, and then we all stand in silent awe, as the two who are now one, depart from us to explore the majesty that encompasses their new life together.

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