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Karyn Eric December GD.jpg

What is your theological background?

I was Raised Roman Catholic, reformed Lutheran, re-reformed Evangelical Lutheran, and then trained in the Lutheran, Wesleyan, and Evangelical traditions, my claim now is simply Christian, and my call is to Christ. My belief and focus is that religion and faith, even our corporate expression through worship, is best practiced and most effective in the intimate setting of "real love" and fellowship found in the small church, so now I preach and teach in a small Independent Christian Church in East Tennessee.

How long have you been performing weddings?


I've been performing weddings for 22 years in a multitude of settings both indoor and outdoor.

What do you like BEST about weddings?

What I like BEST about weddings, is the the "Fresh Start" in the new creation that comes as a result. 

After all the planning and decisions culminate in that one moment, there is a realization there that this isn't "the end" but "the beginning" of something new that is bigger than they each were just moments ago.

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