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What is your theological background?

I am ordained in the church I grew up in as a minister of the Gospel.  In Central Baptist Church of Fountain City, 

In 1996, I felt a call to ministry on a different level and at the prompting of a close minister friend, I applied for a summer unit to explore my call at UT medical Center. 

I was asked to continue the program as a chaplain's resident and completed the advanced program in August of 1998.  Following the completion of that two-year residency I began working mostly PRN in area hospitals. (St. Mary's, Fort Sanders.)  I went on to serve as a chaplain for many years, mostly at Fort Sanders Regional and at Asbury Place, Baysmont in Kingsport. 

I attended Gardner-Webb University for two semesters only and then transitioned into the masters program in counseling psychology at Carson Newman in Jefferson City, Tennessee.  The advice I received about leaving Gardner-Webb was to 'get on with ministry, because you already know what to do and have been doing it.'  That's exactly what I've done.  

How long have you been performing weddings?

I have been performing weddings since my ordination in 2005.  While I haven't performed as many as some of my God Squad colleagues, I'm very pleased with how they transpired.

What do you like BEST about weddings?

I like conducting weddings because they are meaningful and often unpredictable, which adds interest to an already interesting and compelling event. 

It's gives me much joy to witness someone's life through a wedding.  The close proximity to the couple allows the minister an inside and up-close-and-personal view of a very personal few minutes.  It's a real privilege! 

What couples are saying about Rev Turner...

Rev Turner was absolutely wonderful to work with on our wedding day.

We had a phone meet and greet prior to the wedding and we ended the call with a prayer.

She truly exceeded all of our expectations and we are so grateful to have had her officiate on our wedding day.

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